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Quote, May 10, 2003

   “For more than a half-century, American foreign policy involving oil has been cloaked in intrigue and deception, from the overthrow of the Premier of Iran in 1953 to the arming of Afghan rebels through the 1980s, from the permanent establishment of a military presence in the Persian Gulf to the early support of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. If Iraq is now handled openly—meaning the war really was about liberating Iraq from a dictator and the rest of the world from a security threat, as the Bush Administration asserts, and not about gaining control of oil reserves, as much of the rest of the world believes—it will be a historic first. The yardstick to measure US intentions will be 1950s Iran.... Before the US-inspired overthrow of the Iranian government, American oil companies had no presence in that country. After the coup, five US oil companies moved in and produced oil for the next 25 years. More dependent on imports than ever before, the US today is seeking to diversify its sources. Iraq is the only country capable of flooding the world with cheap oil on the scale of Saudi Arabia. ... the fact is that oil—who has it, who produces it, who fixes its price—governs everything of significance in the Persian Gulf and affects economies everywhere. While the Bush Administration has repeatedly asserted that Iraq's oil belongs to its citizens—‘We'll make sure that Iraq's natural resources are used for the benefit of their owners, the Iraqi people,’ the president said—the stakes go far beyond Iraq. The amount of oil that Iraq brings to market will not just determine the living standards of Iraqis but affect everything from the Russian economy to the price Americans pay for gasoline, from the stability of Saudi Arabia to Iran's future.” [Time, 5/10/03]

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