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Profile: Ti Kenley


Positions that Ti Kenley has held:




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Ti Kenley actively participated in the following events:


February 29, 2004-April 2004      Haiti Coup

       In the Haitian town of Petit Goave, “Ti Kenley” and his followers burn the homes of Aristide supporters, including the homes of the national congress deputy, local elected political and civic leaders, student leaders, and family members of Aristide supporters. The burned homes are later photographed by a National Lawyers Guild human rights delegation (see March 29, 2004-April 5, 2004). [National Lawyers Guild, 4/11/2004 Sources: Unnamed witnesses interviewed by a National Lawyers Guild human rights delegation]
People and organizations involved: Tom Griffin, Judy DaCruz, Edward Carlson, March 2004 National Lawyers Guild Human Rights Delegation to Haiti, Ti Kenley

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