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Profile: Sergei Lavrov


Positions that Sergei Lavrov has held:

  • Russian ambassador to the UN




Quote, October 23, 2002

   “We cannot agree to any automacity in the use of force, and we cannot agree to unimplementable, unrealistic demands that are against the wishes of even the arms inspectors themselves.” [Sunday Times, 10/24/02]

Associated Events

Summary, November 7, 2002

   Sergev Lavrov agreed that the resolution did not allow for the automatic use of force and said that the United States and Britain had acknowledged that. [Inter Press Service, 11/8/02]

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Quote, January 27, 2003

   “We do believe that the inspectors are doing a very useful job and they must continue.” [New York Times, 1/27/03b, Deustche-Welle, 1/27/03]

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Sergei Lavrov actively participated in the following events:


November 25, 2002      Events Leading to Iraq Invasion

       Iraq informs the Council that it might not be able to provide the UN with a complete declaration of its past and present civilian and military chemical, biological and nuclear programs as required by UN Resolution 1441 by the December 8 deadline. Hans Blix is sympathetic and the Russian UN ambassador suggests that the deadline should be extended. Iraqi officials also indicate they are not sure what exactly they are expected to include. According to The Washington Post, “Iraqi officials told Blix that they were uncertain whether the Security Council's terms required that they declare every single item produced in its commercial chemical industry, citing plastic slippers as an example.” Hans Blix indicates that he is also unsure. John D. Negroponte, the US ambassador to the United Nations, argues that no extension should be granted. [Washington Post, 11/26/2002]
People and organizations involved: Hans Blix, John Negroponte, Sergei Lavrov

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