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Profile: Robin Cook's diary


Positions that Robin Cook's diary has held:




Summary, September 24, 2002

   “No 10 believed in the intelligence [summarized in the September 24 dossier] because they desperately wanted it to be true. Their sin was not one of bad faith but of evangelical certainty. They selected for inclusion only the scraps of intelligence that fitted the government's case and gave them an edge that was justifiable. The net result was a gross distortion.” [Independent, 10/6/03]

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Summary, February 6, 2003

   “Tony was far too clever to allege that there was a real link between Saddam and Al-Qaeda. But he deliberately crafted a suggestive phrasing which in the minds of many viewers must have created an impression, and was designed to create the impression, that British troops were going to Iraq to fight a threat from Al-Qaeda.” [Sunday Times, 10/5/03]

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Quote, February 15, 2003

   “The latest report by Hans Blix registers a lot of progress in co-operation from Iraq, fails to identify any evidence of weapons of mass destruction and expresses confidence that, with time, more progress can be made. Far from being welcome news to Tony, this will be his nightmare come true. The truth is that he does not want the UN inspections to work. He needs them in order to prove that Saddam will not co-operate and that he is therefore justified in going to war as Sancho Panza to George Bush's Don Quixote.” [Independent, 10/6/03]

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Quote, March 5, 2003

   “Tony [Blair] did not try to argue me out of the view that Saddam did not have real weapons of mass destruction that were designed for strategic use against city populations and capable of being delivered with reliability over long distances.... I have no reason to doubt that Tony Blair believed in September that Saddam really had weapons of mass destruction ready for firing within 45 minutes. What was clear from this conversation was that he did not believe it himself in March.” [Sunday Times, 10/5/03]

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Quote, September 24, 2003

   “I was surpised that there was so little new material in it [the September 2002 British Dossier on Iraq]. There is no new evidence that I could find of a dramatic increase in threat requiring urgent invasion.” [Guardian, 10/6/03]

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