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Profile: Randy Jones


Positions that Randy Jones has held:

  • Deputy Director for the National Park Service




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Randy Jones actively participated in the following events:


February 20, 2004      Bush's environmental record

       Chrysandra Walter, the deputy director of the National Park Service's northeast regional office in Philadelphia, emails a memo to park superintendents working in 12 eastern states, from Virginia to Maine, requesting that they provide the Philadelphia office with a list of the “service level adjustments,” or cut-backs, they plan to make in order to accommodate the 2003 budget cuts. The memo is a summary of instructions that had been given to all regional directors on February 17, by Randy Jones, the deputy director of the National Park Service. The request is made so that the office will not be caught off guard by media inquiries. “I don't want to see on the ‘Today’ show that some superintendent is closing the gate for lack of money without us knowing about it in advance,” National Park Service spokesman David Barna will explain in March 2004 when the memo is obtained and released by the Coalition of Concerned National Park Retirees, the Association of National Park Rangers and the Campaign to Protect America's Lands. “Of course, we don't want to be embarrassed,” he adds. Included in the memo is a list of suggested cut backs: “Close the visitor center on all federal holidays....,” “Eliminate all guided ranger tours,” “Let the manicured grasslands grow all summer,” “Eliminate life guard services at 1 of the park's 3 guarded beaches,” “Close the visitor center for the months of November, January & February,” “Turn one of our four campgrounds over to a concession permittee,” and “Close the park every Sunday and Monday.” The Philadelphia office also instructs the superintendents on how they are supposed to explain the parks' reduced level of service to the media. For example, the memo says that if they need to inform the public on the change in “hours or days of operation for example, that you state what the park's plans are and not to directly indicate that ‘this is a cut’ in comparison to last year's operation. If you are personally pressed by the media in an interview, we all agreed to use the terminology of ‘service level adjustment’ due to fiscal constraints as a means of describing what actions we are taking.” [The Washington Post, 3/16/2004; Fresno Bee, 3/18/2004; Arizona Daily Star, 3/20/2004; National Geographic, 4/19/2004; League of Conservation Voters, n.d. Sources: US Park Service Northeast Region Internal Memo, February 20, 2004]
People and organizations involved: National Park Service (NPS), Bush administration, Randy Jones, Chrysandra Walter

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