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Profile: Ivo Daalder


Positions that Ivo Daalder has held:

  • Fellow at the Brookings Institution




Quote, September 17, 2002

   “This letter emphasizes why Dick Cheney didn't want to go to the UN... Now you start to dither and dicker about how many inspections are enough. That's the road the White House opened up with Bush's speech, however much they may regret it now. ... It kicks the can down the road until Saddam makes his first mis-step. Unless and until he does, you're not going to get any consensus internationally or domestically for going to war. The administration can talk about reparations for the Kuwaitis, treatment of Iraqi minorities, prisoners of war, and all the other UN resolutions Saddam is flouting. But it all falls a little flat. These will not provide a casus belli in the eyes of the world.” [Guardian, 9/18/02]

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