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Profile: Inwako


Positions that Inwako has held:




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Inwako actively participated in the following events:


(1981-1993)      US support of Iraq WMD

       US and British companies are among several Western firms that sell Iraq materials that can be used to develop nuclear, chemical, biological, and conventional weapons. [Associated Press, 12/21/02; New York Times 12/21/02b; Washington Post,12/30/02; San Francisco Chronicle, 1/28/2003; Sunday Herald, 2/23/03]
United States -
Biological: American Type Culture Collection, several biological precursor agents for diseases like anthrax, gangrene, and the West Nile virus; Alcolac International, Thiodiglycol, the mustard gas precursor; Al Haddad, 60 tons of a chemical that could be used to make sarin; Dow Chemical, $1.5 million of pesticides (see December 1988). [Washington Post,12/30/02; New York Times 12/21/02b; Die Tageszeitung 10/18/02]
Nuclear: TI Coating; UNISYS; Tektronix; Leybold Vacuum Systems; Finnigan-MAT-US; Hewlett Packard; Dupont; Consarc; Cerberus (LTD) ; Canberra Industries; Axel Electronics Inc. [Die Tageszeitung 10/18/02; Zmag 10/29/02; Memory Hole]
Rocket Program: Honeywell ;TI Coating; UNISYS; Honeywell; Semetex; Sperry Corp.; Tektronix; Hewlett Packard; Eastman Kodak; Electronic Associates; EZ Logic Data Systems, Inc. [Die Tageszeitung 10/18/02; Zmag 10/29/02; Memory Hole]
Conventional weapons: Honeywell; Spektra Physics; TI Coating; UNISYS; Sperry Corp.; Rockwell; Hewlett Packard; Carl Zeis -U.S; Union Carbide. [Die Tageszeitung 10/18/02; Zmag 10/29/02; Memory Hole; San Francisco Chronicle, 1/28/2003; Washington Post,12/30/02]
United Kingdom -
: Nuclear weapons: Euromac Ltd-UK.; C Plath-Nuclear; Endshire Export Marketing; International Computer Systems; MEED International; International Computer Limited; Matrix Churchill Corp.; Ali Ashour Daghir.; Inwako; XYY Options, Inc. [Sunday Herald, 2/23/03]
Chemical weapons: MEED International; International Computer Systems; International Military Services; Sheffield Forgemasters; Technology Development Group; International Signal and Control; Terex Corporation; Walter Somers Ltd. [Sunday Herald, 2/23/03]
Conventional: International Computer Systems; International Computer Limited; TMG Engineering. [Sunday Herald, 2/23/03]
People and organizations involved: Axel Electronics Inc., Dupont, Hewlett Packard, Alcolac International, Tektronix, Consarc, TI Coating, UNISYS, Leybold Vacuum Systems, Cerberus (LTD), Finnigan-MAT-US, TMG Engineering, Spektra Physics, EZ Logic Data Systems, Inc., Rockwell, American Type Culture Collection, Carl Zeis -U.S, Euromac Ltd-UK, Electronic Associates, Sperry Corp., Al Haddad, Canberra Industries, Dow Chemical, Semetex, Honeywell, C Plath-Nuclear, Union Carbide, Endshire Export Marketing, Sheffield Forgemasters, Technology Development Group, International Signal and Control, Terex Corporation, Walter Somers Ltd., XYY Options, Inc., Inwako, International Military Services, Matrix Churchill Corp., International Computer Systems, Ali Ashour Daghir, International Computer Limited, MEED International, Eastman Kodak

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