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Profile: Gerhard Schroeder


Positions that Gerhard Schroeder has held:

  • German Chancellor




Quote, September 18, 2002

   “We must seize the opportunity. Falling back on the old positions will not help now.” A military strike on Iraq would be “superfluous.” [Agence France Presse, 9/19/02]

Associated Events

Quote, January 27, 2003

   “We are of the opinion...that the inspectors will get more time for their work.” [Reuters, 1/27/03]

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Gerhard Schroeder actively participated in the following events:


January 22, 2003      Complete Iraq timeline

       During a joint press conference, French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder announce that they intend to work together to oppose the Bush administration's plan to invade Iraq. Schroeder says to a crowd of hundreds of French and German students in Berlin, “We are both of the opinion... that one can never accept it when it is said that war is unavoidable.” [BBC, 1/22/03; BBC, 1/23/03] Back in Washington, a reporter asks Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld if he thinks the actions of France and Germany would leave the United States without European support. To this Rumsfeld, responds: “Now, you're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's old Europe. If you look at the entire NATO Europe today, the center of gravity is shifting to the east.... Germany has been a problem, and France has been a problem.... But you look at vast numbers of other countries in Europe. They're not with France and Germany on this, they're with the United States.” [Department of Defense, 1/22/03; BBC, 1/23/03]
People and organizations involved: Jacques Chirac, Donald Rumsfeld, Gerhard Schroeder

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