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Profile: David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce


Positions that David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce has held:

  • US Ambassador to Britain (1961-1969)
  • US Ambassador to France (1949-1952)
  • US Ambassador to West Germany (1957-1959)
  • Administrative head of the London base of the Office of Strategic Services




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David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce actively participated in the following events:


June 30, 1963, 10 am      Guyana

       US and British officials meet and discuss the Guyana government of the left-leaning Cheddi Jagan. A memorandum of the meeting states: “The President [Kennedy] said he agreed with the analysis of all the difficulties, but that these still paled in comparison with the prospect of the establishment of a Communist regime in Latin America. Mr. Sandys said he thought the best solution was that of a Burnham-D'Aguiar government to which the UK would grant independence.” [Sources: Paper Prepared in the Department of State]
People and organizations involved: Lord Hood, Peter Thorneycroft, Philip de Zulueta, John F. Kennedy, David Dean Rusk, Duncan Sandys, Harold Anthony Cacciae, William R Tyler, Quintin McGarel Hogg, Lord Hailsham, Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, Harold Macmillan, David Ormsby Gore, McGeorge Bundy, David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce

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