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Profile: Bayan Elashi


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December 18, 2002: Family Members Arrested on Suspicion of Sponsoring Terrorism      Complete 911 Timeline

       Four brothers in Texas—Ghassan Elashi, Bayan Elashi, Hazim Elashi, and Basman Elashi—are arrested on charges of conspiracy, money laundering, dealing in the property of a designated terrorist, illegal export, and making false statements [Associated Press, 12/18/02 (B); Washington Post, 12/19/02] Ghassan Elashi is the vice president of InfoCom Corporation, which was raided on September 5, 2001 (see September 5-8, 2001), by 80 members of a Joint Terrorism Task Force. [Guardian, 9/10/01] He is also chairman of Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which had its assets frozen by the FBI in December 2001. [Associated Press, 12/23/02] The 33-count indictment names a fifth brother, Ihsan Elashi, who is already in custody, as well as Mousa Abu Marzook, whom the US deported in 1997, and his wife Nadia Elashi (both believed to be in the Middle East). [BBC, 12/18/01] On December 20, a judge rules that Bayan and Hazim Elashi must remain in federal detention, but frees Basman Elashi on $15,000 bail. [Associated Press, 12/23/02] Ghassan Elashi is released without bond, but will wear an electronic monitor. [Associated Press, 12/23/02]
People and organizations involved: Ihsan Elashi, Nadia Elashi, Joint Terrorism Task Force, Basman Elashi, Mousa Abu Marzook, Hazim Elashi, Bayan Elashi, Ghassan Elashi

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