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Base Technologies


The website runs under Tomcat. It is driven by a mysql database. The data is currently imported into this database from XML files, but will later be edited dynamically from the site. The presentation layer is done in JSP using a templating system called Bricks. The business-logic is implemented using Java, with JDO being used to access the mysql database. Subversion is being used for version controlling.


Current Work


Dynamic editing

Now that the basic site is up and running, we are working on implementing the dynamic editing of the data. This requires forms for editing events/entities and all associated data, a system of submission - rejection/acceptance for events/entities, versioning etc. The basics of all these things have actually already been implemented in an older version of the site. This code base is being updated to incorporate a number of changes that have been made since it was first written (the addition of entities and projects among other things).


There are a number of further features we intend to add. However the priority at the moment is to get the basic editing working.

Some features under consideration include:

  • Collect more information about references. At this time we only collect and store the citation name ("name of publication, date") and the url of each reference. Implementing this feature will make it easier to track down sources after they are taken offline and will allow us to display bibliographic information in more than one format. Currently the only citation method supported is hyperlinked parenthetical notation.
  • Broaden the scope of content on the entity.jsp page to include detailed profiles of the entities.
  • Develop an XML schema that allows for the sharing of data on entities between various websites and organizations.
  • Allowing registered users to subscribe to custom newsletters. Users would receive emails whenever changes are made to certain projects or timelines.
  • Capability to export timelines into xml files that can be used to produce high-quality typeset documents.

Except where otherwise noted, the textual content of each timeline is licensed under the Creative Commons License below:

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