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January 12, 2005


We managed to raise enough funds to continue our work, thanks in large part to a generous donation that brought us to our minimum goal. Our main objectives this quarter include adding entity relationships to the 911 timeline, working with CitizensWatch on 911 research, and further developing the application that runs this site.

Help Wanted

If you would like to get involved with this project, visit our volunteers page. We need help with a wide variety of tasks, including volunteer coordination, research and writing, fundraising, programming, web design, multimedia, xml editing and schema design, forum promotion and moderating, networking, and copyediting.


There will also be a very large update to the torture timeline by a new contributor and a large update to the 911 timeline.

Updated Timelines

A few new entries have been added to the Venezuela timeline.

Several timeline entries about Iraq that were a part of the History of US Interventions project have been “entified,” updated and moved to the Inquiry into the Decision to Invade Iraq Project where they have either been included in the new Public opinion on Iraqi threat and Propaganda timelines, or added to the project's other timelines. All of the updated entries in the Iraq project can be viewed here.

The following timelines in the History of US Interventions project have been updated and entified:

New Projects

We opened a small project on the US military's treatment of troops

We also have a 50+ entry timeline on the 2004 Elections, however it is in draft form and will probably not be published unless someone offers to help manage and contribute to the project.




Except where otherwise noted, the textual content of each timeline is licensed under the Creative Commons License below:

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