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The Terror Timeline: Year by Year, Day by Day, Minute by Minute.

by Paul Thompson
$16.99 (2.3 lb) *

We are currently sold out!

However, you can purchase the book from any locally-owned bookstore.

You can also obtain The Terror Timeline from or Powells Bookstore.

“THE TERROR TIMELINE is a tremendous resource that will give readers a truly independent means of judging our government in its errant conduct of the war on terror.”
— PETER LANCE, author of Cover Up and 1000 Years for Revenge

“A spectacular resource that is an essential tool for anyone who is truly interested in understanding the events leading up to 9/11.”
— CRAIG UNGER, author of the House of Bush, House of Saud

“This is the basic book on 9/11. Paul Thompson's work tells what happened that day, tracing the events leading up to the attack, and what has transpired since. After years of self-serving reports by ineffectual politicians in Washington, there is at last an independent report, based entirely on publicly known facts, that is thorough and reliable. Read it and decide for yourself whether there was a cover-up. It is truly remarkable. Thank God there are people like Thompson.”
—JAMES RIDGEWAY, author of The March to War

“Paul Thompson's Timeline has served as the definitive source for any researcher attempting to penetrate the mysteries of 9/11. This book [could] effect a major change in the course of U.S. history.”
— PETER DALE SCOTT, author of Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Indochina

“Paul Thompson’s exhaustive and richly detailed research has now provided the world with a veritable
treasure trove of 9/11 information. If you want to know everything about 9/11, you must
read this book. If you want to better understand 9/11, you must read this book. Our intelligence
agencies should be recruiting people like Paul Thompson, because he’s brilliant.”
—KRISTEN BREITWEISER, co-chair, September 11th Advocates; member,
Family Steering Committee; and wife of Ronald M. Breitweiser, WTC Tower Two

“Having lost loved ones on 9/11, we had the passion and drive to research and follow through
with our quest for answers, but until we stumbled across Paul Thompson’s exquisitely detailed and
well-sourced timeline on the Internet, much of the information that we found out about the
events surrounding 9/11 were out of context or unverifiable. Paul’s timeline gave us a much-needed
measure of clarity when our lives were filled with ambiguities.”
—PATTY CASAZZA , co-chair, September 11th Advocates; member,
Family Steering Committee; and wife of John Casazza, WTC Tower One

“Paul Thompson’s timeline is an invaluable tool and a must read for anyone who really wants to
understand the events of 9/11. One can only hope that the 9/11 Independent Commission’s
report, with its unprecedented access to millions of documents, is as detailed and thorough as this
citizen’s account is. If the many questions raised by this book are ever answered, it would go a long
way toward making us all safer.”
—MINDY KLEINBERG, co-chair, September 11th Advocates; member,
Family Steering Committee; and wife of Alan Kleinberg, WTC Tower One

“For all of us who lost our loved ones on 9/11, and for anyone who seeks the truth about what
happened on that awful September day, Paul Thompson’s timeline is where all research into the
subject should begin. I am eternally grateful for Paul’s meticulous work and have referred to
Thompson’s timeline since the beginning of my quest for answers into my husband Ken’s death.
Thank you, Paul.”
—LORIE VAN AUKEN, co-founder, September 11th Advocates; member,
Family Steering Committee; and wife of Kenneth Van Auken, WTC Tower One


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